Whose full name is the Dragon Slayer, She-Warrior, Roycelyn Frances To Yong Shi.
An Intergrated Art Director based in Singapore.
Also a super skilled keynote deck designer (yes, I got the title of "deck queen" in dentsu)
Ex-occasional hand model for SK-II, AXA Shield and Nespresso.

Well, I used to dabble alot on JUDAS.CLAN photography and handicrafts.
Unfortunately, not anymore.

Other than spending my time in the office crafting my art and thinking of ideas,
I am often found watching dramas/movies/esports, reading books and spending wee hours of my nights smashing keys to defend my ancient on DotA 2.

Have I caught your attention?
If yes, and you wish to have future collobrations with me; do drop me an email.

Cheers m8.


A Freelance Art Director @ /TBWA

If you are keen to know even more about me, you can download my resume. Or else you can look up on my other social media accounts.